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Stay Safe While Hunting

posted Oct 12, 2013, 12:41 PM by BeaverheadSAR Webmaster

Hunting Season is just around the corner, the Search & Rescue Team would rather not be busy this hunting season.  Be prepared for any conditions in Southwest Montana.  Roads can be in poor shape in the blink of an eye.  Snow drifts have been known to trap hunters miles from open roads, sudden rain storms can turn the road into a quagmire of gumbo mud.  Carry extra fuel, spare tire(s), a set of tire chains that fit, a shovel and axe.  If you are stuck in deep snow, do not sit inside and run the vehicle, unless you have check the exhaust pipe as dangerous carbon monoxide can build up inside the vehicle.  Remember your personal survival kit as well.

For additional information on stay safe in Montana's outdoors, please visit

We hope to NOT meet you this hunting season, please stay safe.

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